About me

Truth be told, I’m actually a Statistician. But ever since I discovered coding, I can’t keep my hands off of the keyboard.

My main focus lies in Data Ownership and the Internet of Value. The largest companies of our time (Google, Facebook, etc.) make us believe that content on the Web is for free while we actually pay with our data. Based on the data trail you leave, you are being categorized and ads are presented to you. That is the main business model of the Web. But it wasn’t designed to be like that1. I work on open standards like the Interledger Protocol and Web Monetization to allow for a Web where content can be paid for with hard currency instead of data.

Currently, I’m the Research and Development Lead at Coil. I have previously attempted a PhD on the topic of Data Ownership at the University of Cape Town but realized in the process that academia is just not my thing. However, nothing is for nothing. I met incredible people at UCT and together we founded Registree, a privacy-preserving recruitment platform.

  1. There is actually a HTTP status code “402: Payment required” which is “Reserved for future use.” [return]